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Vendor: HAR
Package Cooled: DIP


The values for the equation are found in the maximum ratings table on the data sheet. Substituting these values into the equation for an ambient temperature TA of 25C, one can calculate the power dissipation of the device which in this case is 950 milliwatts.


External DRAM is required only for full PerFlow fea- ture support (layer 2 addressing like MAC or VPI/VCI level, Hash support, high number of voice+data con- nections per channel). The highly integrated device supports category II ADSL functionalities, including trellis coding and echo cancellation. The device em- bodies 6 independent dual transceivers optimized for Central Office operation, with bit rates of up to 3.0 Mbps upstream and 24 Mbps downstream. This de- vice is ideal for power and area sensitive Central Of- fice equipment, providing highest performance and density while meeting all telecom grade equipment requirements.


The CD40105 is an IRQSER interrupt deserializer that interfaces with existing and future TI PC Card controllers. The CD40105 accepts the IRQSER output of a TI PC Card controller and converts it to 16 ISA-style interrupts and 4 PCI-style interrupts. Interfacing the PC Card controller with the CD40105 permits system access of all available interrupts and features of the PC Card controller.


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