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· 0402-220R

Vendor:ROHM   Package Cooled:/   D/C:/   

· 0402220R

· 00887V210

Description: Before a word can be reprogrammed it must be erased. The erased state of the memory bits is a logical 1. The entire memory can be erased by using the Chip Erase command or individual planes or sectors can be erased by using the Plane Erase or Sector Erase commands.

Applications: Compatible with SPI Bus Serial Interface (Positive Clock SPI Modes) Single Supply Voltage: C 4.5 to 5.5V for M950x0 C 2.5 to 5.5V for M950x0-W C 1.8 to 5.5V for M950x0-R High Speed C 10MHz Clock Rate, 5ms Write Time Status Register BYTE and PAGE WRITE (up to 16 Bytes) Self-Timed ...

Features: WREN - Set Write Enable Latch The 00887V210 will power up with writes disabled. The WREN command must be issued prior to any write operation. Sending the WREN op-code will allow the user to issue subsequent op-codes for write operations. These include writing the status register and wri...

· 08055R473MAT2A

Vendor:AVX   Package Cooled:0805+   D/C:08   

· 0925R-563K

· 040BL

Vendor:SONY   Package Cooled:DIP   D/C:05+   

Description: The 040BL microcontrollers integrate several peripherals, which are classified as system or user peripherals. All on-chip peripherals are 32-bit accessible by the AMBA Bridge, and can be programmed with a minimum number of instructions. The peripheral register set is composed of control, mo...

Applications: The 040BL offers precise gains from 1 to 5 with a true 0.1% linearity and provides stable, oscillation-free operation across the entire gain range without external compensation. The 040BL, a pin compatible enhanced version of the SPT231, reduces 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion to an extre...

Features: This network is less than 2% of the overall network resistance so it has a negligible effect on long term stability. Figure 3 shows the proper connection of the VRE3041 series voltage references with the optional trim resistor for initial error and the optional capacitor for noise reduction.

· 04N70BF

· 0603HC-6N8XJLW

Vendor:Coilcraft   Package Cooled:O603   D/C:08+ROHS   

· 0402ZG474ZAT2A

· 0603C331JAT2A

· 08052F334Z8BB0D

Description: *Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause perma- nent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only; functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not implied. E...

Applications: This input is used to control the motion of the motor. Outputs will change to their next state on the high to low transition of this input. Step is normally maintained at a low level, and is only brought high then low to cause a step to occur. The Step input is ignored for about 20ms af...

Features: High performance 90 ns access time 25 ns page read times 0.5 s typical sector erase time 22 µs typical effective write buffer word programming time: 16-word write buffer reduces overall programming time for multiple-word/byte updates

· 050151-008

Vendor:HYPERCOM   Package Cooled:06+   D/C:QFP44   

· 0154002.DR

Vendor:4500   Package Cooled:Littelfuse   D/C:00+   

Description: Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. PowerPad is a trademark of Texas Instruments. All other trademark...

Applications: NorthAmerica: Europe: Asia (Singapore): Asia (Taiwan): Asia (HongKong) :

Features: Operating the two memory banks in an interleaved fashion allows random access operation to occur at higher rate than is possible with standard DRAMs. A sequential and gapless data rate of up to 183 MHz is possible depending on burst length, CAS latency and speed grade of the device.

· 0022012025

· 0603866R

· 0022272041

· 08056D106MAT2AK

· 08621034340800A

· 0805CS270XGBC

Vendor:COILCR   Package Cooled:n/a   D/C:99   

· 0805CS-270XGBC

Description: Where; Kf is the phase detector gain factor in mA/radian K0 is the VCO gain factor in radian/second/Volt N is the total division ratio from VCO to reference frequency wn is the natural loop bandwidth F0 is the phase margin normally set to 45 Since the phase detector is linear ove...

Applications: Internal registers include available charge, temperature, capacity, bat- tery voltage, battery ID, battery status, and programming pin set- tings. To support subassembly test- ing, the outputs may also be con- trolled. The external processor may also overwrite some of the bq2014 gas gauge ...

Features: The CPU has a set of RISC-type instructions; basic instructions operate at one state per instruction, that is, in one system clock cycle, dramatically increasing execution speeds. The chip incorporates a 32-bit multiplier which performs high-speed sum-of-product (multiply-and- accumulate) op...

· 046232105008800

Vendor:KYOCERA   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:07+   

· 0402-120R1

· 0201YA330JAT2A

Vendor:990000   Package Cooled:AVX   D/C:2008   

· 0535052071

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:06+   

· 08055A1R0JAT2A

· 0805N5R0C500AD

· 08053C105KAT2A

Description: FEATURES s In-band interference rejection (typ. 14dB) s -103dBm Sensitivity (IF BW = 470kHz) s AGC around LNA and Mixer s Low supply voltage (3 to 6V) s 2 stage power-down for low current applications s Interface for ceramic IF filters up to 15MHz

Applications: Oscillator Section (Note 4) Initial Accuracy Voltage Stability Temperature Stability (Note 3) Minimum Frequency (Note 3) Maximum Frequency (Note 3) Current Mirror Clock Amplitude Clock Width Sync Threshold Sync Input Current Error Amplifier Section (VCM = 5.1V) Input Offset Vol...

Features: The 08053C105KAT2A is an optically integrated circuit detector with schmitt trigger buffer output. It is mounted in a clear plastic lateral side looking package which enables these devices to display superior mechanical resolutions, coupled characteristics and reliability in a low cos...

· 05103-01

· 06035A181JAT2A

Vendor:AVX   Package Cooled:07+   D/C:SMD   

Description: Following a period of activity in the powered-up state the power-down state may be re-entered by writing any of the control instructions into the serial control port with the P bit set to 1 as indicated in Table 1. It is recommended that the chip be powered down before writing any additio...

Applications: The C6701 includes a large bank of on-chip memory and has a powerful and diverse set of peripherals. Program memory consists of a 64K-byte block that is user-configurable as cache or memory-mapped program space. Data memory consists of two 32K-byte blocks of RAM. The peripheral set includes...

Features: 1. Continuous operation with 12 volts or more under extreme temperature and humidity may cause increasing leakage current and/or shifting device resistance. However, even under severe environmental test, characteristics of the device did not change up to 6 V dc operation.

· 03900-0331

· 04025C272KAT2A

Vendor:AVX   Package Cooled:0402-272K PB-FREE   D/C:06+   

Description: Third Order Intermodulation Distortion (VDD = 28 Vdc, Pout = 26 W Avg, IDQ = 1200 mA, f1 = 1930 MHz, f2 = 1932.5 MHz and f1 = 1987.5 MHz, f2 = 1990 MHz; IM3 measured over 1.2288 MHz Bandwidth at f1 - 2.5 MHz and f2 +2.5 MHz referenced to carrier channel power.)

Applications: Each transmit channel accepts parallel characters in an Input Register, encodes each character for transport, and converts it to serial data. Each receive channel accepts serial data and converts it to parallel data, decodes the data into characters, and presents these characters to an ou...

Features: The 04025C272KAT2A is a monolithic dual 8-bit analog-to-digital converter, offering low 1.4W power consumption and excellent digitizing accuracy. It integrates dual on-chip track/holds that provide an enhanced dynamic performance with a sampling rate of up to 500 Msps and an input frequency...

· 08055C682JAT2A

Description: All voltages are referenced to ground. This is the absolute accuracy of the master oscillator frequency at the default settings with spread disabled. This is the change that is observed in master oscillator frequency with changes in voltage at TA = +25C. This is the change that is observed in...

Applications: When performing back-to-back transmission in 9-bit mode (TX9D bit in the TXSTAx register is set), an ongoing transmissions timing can be corrupted if the TX9D bit (for the next trans- mission) is not written immediately following the setting of TXxIF. This is because any write to the T...

Features: Gate-to-Source Forward Leakage Gate-to-Source Reverse Leakage Total Gate Charge Gate-to-Source Charge Gate-to-Drain ("Miller") Charge Turn-On Delay Time Rise Time Turn-Off Delay Time Fall Time Input Capacitance Output Capacitance Reverse Transfer Capacitance

· 0925R-683H

· 021606.3MXEP

Description: ICCSupply currentVCC = MAX,All outputs disabled5270mA † All typical values are at VCC = 5 V, TA = 25C, and VIC = 0. ‡ The algebraic convention, in which the less positive (more negative) limit is designated as minimum, is used in this data sheet for threshold levels only. No...

Applications: - 4 external and 8 internal interrupt request sources - Each interrupt can individually be maskable - Each interrupt can individually be reset - Automatic reset of each interrupt request after read - General interrupt request to CPU can be disabled - Automatic enabling of general interr...

Features: The IC 021606.3MXEP is a 300-MHz quadrature modulator that uses Atmels advanced UHF process. It features low current consumption, single-ended RF ports and adjustment- free application, which makes the device suitable for all digital radio systems, e.g., GSM, PCN, JDC and WLAN. As an option...

· 0402-15K

· 040215K

· 0451012.MRL

Vendor:LITTELFUSE   Package Cooled:FUSE   D/C:07+   

Description: The macrocell register can be configured as a D-type or T-type flip-flop, or it may be bypassed for combinatorial operation. Each register supports both asynchronous set and reset operations. During power-up, all user registers are initialized to the user-defined preload state (default to...

Applications: fOSC(tc)Oscillator frequency over line and temperature Trimmed for 360 kHz (1) Ensured by design. Not production tested. (2) Maximum 450-kHz frequency can be achieved when both channels are enabled. (3) 270 kHz is the default frequency during start-up for both channels. (4) See Table 1. ...

Features: The 0451012.MRLB is an enhanced, backward-compatible revision of the 0451012.MRL rev A. It uses the newer core as in the OX16C950 rev B. The chief enhancements are as follows C • All known errata fixed • Full TCR range from 4-16 • Enhanced controls for sleep-mode sensitivit...

· 0861712000

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:05+   

· 0056-0342

Vendor:MASYVS   Package Cooled:LCC   D/C:03+   

Description: The ADS8509 is a complete 16-bit sampling analog-to-digital (A/D) converter using state-of-the-art CMOS structures. It contains a complete 16-bit, capacitor-based, successive approximation register (SAR) A/D converter with sample-and-hold, refer- ence, clock, and a serial data interface...

Applications: Disclaimer Alcor Micro Corp. reserves the right to change this product without prior notice. Alcor Micro Corp. makes no warranty for the use of its products and bears no responsibility for any error that appear in this document. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Features: The minimum bending radius is 45 mm. The mounting surface of the filters faces the bottom side of the embossed carrier tape. The marking of the filters is able to read if the view is directed on the upper side of the carrier tape with the sprocket holes on the right side of the tap

· 006200227012800

Vendor:201   Package Cooled:ELCO   D/C:N/A   

Description: The MAX3320 transceivers have a proprietary low- dropout transmitter output stage, enabling true RS-232 performance with a dual charge pump powered from a +3V to +5.5V supply. The device requires only four small 0.1µF external charge-pump capacitors, and is guaranteed to run at data rat...

Applications: LO IN=-4dBm See note 1 and 2. Mixer Preamp ON Mixer Preamp OFF Mixer Preamp ON Mixer Preamp OFF Mixer Preamp ON Mixer Preamp OFF Mixer Preamp ON/Mixer/LO Input Amps Mixer Preamp OFF/Mixer/LO Input Amps Mixer Preamp ON Mixer Preamp OFF High and Low Side LO Injection See not...

Features: The 006200227012800 is a low-cost high-speed JFET-input operational amplifier with an internally trimmed input offset voltage (BI- FET IITM technology) The device requires a low supply cur- rent and yet maintains a large gain bandwidth product and a fast slew rate In addition well matched ...

· 08051A220JAT2A

Description: The SN65LV1224A has an input threshold sensitivity of 50 mV. This allows for greater differential noise margin in the SN65LV1224A. However, in cases where the receiver input is not being actively driven, the increased sensitivity of the SN65LV1224A can pickup noise as a signal and cause unin...

Applications: ∗2 VL setting is the VVL voltage of the vertical clock waveform, or the same voltage as the VL power supply for the V driver should be used. ∗3 Do not apply a DC bias to the substrate clock and reset gate clock pins, because a DC bias is generated within the CCD.

Features: The 08051A220JAT2A and 08051A220JAT2A are advanced Digital Video Encoders (DVE). They convert ITU-601/656 standard 4:2:2 Bit- Paralellel data into analog composite video, S-Video or analog component signals Y/Cb/Cr or R/G/B in PAL and NTSC formats. They accept the multiplexed two 8-bit or...

· 0402YA6R2DAT2A

Description: Designers must not rely on the absence or characteristics of any features or instructions marked reserved or undefined. Inte l reserves these for future definition and shall have no responsibility whatsoever for conflicts or incompatibilities arising from future changes to them.

Applications: The unclamped inductive switching circuit shown in Figure 10 was used to demonstrate the controlled avalanche capability of this device. A mercury switch was used instead of an electronic switch to simulate a noisy environment when the switch was being opened. When S1 is closed at t0 th...

Features: If the grounding is not optimal, the gain becomes less flat and the 50 Ω output matching becomes worse. To further increase output matching to 50 Ω, a 12 Ω resistor (R1) can be placed in series with C3 (see Figure 3). This will significantly improve the output ...

· 0532610671

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:1K/reel   D/C:ORIGINAL   

· 0557634090

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:06+   

· 08712-2000-001

Description: Four of the seven instructions end with the transmission of the instruction byte. The basic sequence is illustrated in Figure 3. These two-byte instructions exchange data between the Wiper Counter Register and one of the Data Registers. A transfer from a Data Register to a Wiper Counter...

Applications: The Power Saving (PS) module implements the Idle Mode (ARM7TDMI core clock stopped until the next interrupt) and enables the user to adapt the power consumption of the microcontroller to application requirements (independent peripheral clock control).

Features: DESC08712-2000-001IPTION The 08712-2000-001 is a 40-watt 08712-2000-001F MOSFET Amplifier Module for 12.5-volt mobile radios that operate in the 154- to 162-MHz range. The battery can be connected directly to the drain of the enhancement-mode MOSFET transistors. Without the gate voltage (...

· 04022R561K9B200(223858716611)

Applications: The 04022R561K9B200(223858716611)M provides up to sixteen general-purpose I/O pins, which are programmable as either inputs or outputs. Eight of these pins are dedicated-general purpose Programmable Flag pins. The other eight of them are multifunctional pins, acting as general-purpose I/O ...

Features: This device has eight bidirectional bits; data can flow in the A-to-B direction when the direction-control input (DIR) is high, and in the B-to-A direction when DIR is low. This device also has five drivers that drive the cable side and four receivers. The 04022R561K9B200(223858716611) has o...

· 0805CS101EGPS

· 0550S2

Vendor:67   Package Cooled:DELTA   D/C:0453   

Description: † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated under recommended operating conditions is not implied. E...

Applications: The asynchronous mode is used for communication with asynchronous terminals which may communicate at 600,1200, or 2400 bps +1%, -2.5% even though the modems output is limited to the nominal bit rate .01% in DPSK and QAM modes. When transmitting in this mode the serial data on the TXD input is...

Features: To minimize noise, the 0550S2's analog section features 2 sets of pseudo-differential RGB inputs with programmable input bandwidth, as well as internal DC restore clamping (including mid-scale clamping for YUV signals). This is followed by the programmable gain/offset stage and the three 275MS...

· 04N6

Vendor:CET   Package Cooled:04+   D/C:SOP-8   

· 0402CS-2N7XGLW

Vendor:Coilcraft   Package Cooled:O402   D/C:08+ROHS   

· 08051A241FAT2A

Description: Designers must not rely on the absence or characteristics of any features or instructions marked reserved or undefined. Intel reserves these for future definition and shall have no responsibility whatsoever for conflicts or incompatibilities arising from future changes to them.

Applications: The HYM72V16M636H(L)T6 Series are Dual In-line Memory Modules suitable for easy interchange and addition of 128Mbytes mem- ory. The HYM72V16M636H(L)T6 Series are fully synchronous operation referenced to the positive edge of the clock . All inputs and outputs are synchronized with the rising e...

Features: These products are not designed for use in life support appliances, devices, or systems where malfunction of these products can reasonably be expected to result in personal injury. Winbond customers using or selling these products for use in such applications do so at their own risk and agre...

· 073-2004

· 0805HT-12N

· 05DE1

Vendor:SANYO   Package Cooled:SO-8-5.2   D/C:new   

Description: TP, is defined as the maximum temperature on the connection pins at the PB (Printed Board) solder joint, mounted on a 5C 8 dm2 (1 dm2=15.5 in2) multi-layer PB (>4 layers), with 20 mm (0.8 in) board-pitch and free convection cooling. Corresponding ambient temperature range (TA) at full out...

Applications: The Address inputs are used to set the least significant 3 bits of the 8-bit slave address. A match in the slave address serial data stream must be made with the Address input in order to initiate communication with the 05DE1. A maximum of 8 devices may occupy the 2-wire serial bus.

Features: This series of fixed output NOCAP linear regulators are designed for handheld communication equipment and portable battery powered applications which require low quiescent. This series features an ultra−low quiescent current of 2.8 mA. Each device contains a voltage reference unit, ...

· 047C400BF-PH81

· 0925R-822F

· 070-1105-06

· 0603620R

· 0805HQ-6N2XJBC

Description: OUTPUT TRANSISTOR Collector-emitter Voltage BVCEO SFH600-0,1,2,3,4 SFH601-1,2,3,4,5 SFH609-1,2,3,4,5 Collector-base Voltage BVCBO SFH600-0,1,2,3,4 SFH601-1,2,3,4,5 SFH609-1,2,3,4,5 Emitter-collector Voltage BVECO Power Dissipation

Applications: The MAX4364/MAX4365 are bridged audio power amplifiers intended for portable audio devices with internal speakers. The MAX4364 is capable of deliver- ing 1.4W from a single 5V supply and 500mW from a single 3V supply into an 8Ω load. The MAX4365 is capable of delivering 1W from a single...

Features: The 0805HQ-6N2XJBC encodes incoming data into quad-bits represented by 16 possible signal points with specific phase and amplitude levels. The base-band signal is then filtered to reduce intersymbol interference on the band limited telephone network. The modulator transmits this encoded data ...

· 0016020082

· 0251015.NRT1

Vendor:LITTELFUSE   Package Cooled:0251015.NRT1 MXL NRT1- MRT1L MRT2-   D/C:08+   

· 0123KM

Description: Parameter RESOLUTION Offset Error Gain Error Differential Nonlinearity (DNL) Integral Nonlinearity (INL) TEMPERATURE DRIFT Offset Error Gain Error POWER SUPPLY REJECTION RATIO (PSRR) ANALOG INPUTS (AIN, AIN)1 Differential Input Voltage Range Differential Input Resistance Differentia...

Applications: To minimize noise, the X98027's analog section features 2 sets of pseudo-differential RGB inputs with programmable input bandwidth, as well as internal DC restore clamping (including mid-scale clamping for YUV signals). This is followed by the programmable gain/offset stage and the three 275M...

Features: The CMY 211 is an all port single ended general purpose Up- and Down-Converter. It combines small conversion losses and excellent intermodulation characteristics with a low demand of LO- and DC-power. The internal level controlled LO-Buffer enables a good performance over a wide LO level r...

· 03NR-E4K

Vendor:JST   Package Cooled:JST P/N:03NR-E4K   D/C:2006   

· 0805HT-4N7TKBC(4.7N)

· 06035C103JAZ2A

Vendor:AVX   Package Cooled:0603+   D/C:0843+   

· 0805CS-561XJLW

· 0190020027

· 08-132-02

· 0402AS-012A

Description: Output current pulses are enabled when an L signal is applied to the OE pin. No output current flows when OE is H, and additional laser diode protection is provided since the OE input will float high when open. Complete IOUT shut-off is also achieved by holding the CE pin low, which will o...

Applications: Wide Operating Voltage Range of 2 V to 6 V Outputs Can Drive Up To 10 LSTTL Loads Low Power Consumption, 80-µA Max ICC Typical tpd = 14 ns 4-mA Output Drive at 5 V Low Input Current of 1 µA Max Internal Look-Ahead for Fast Counting Carry Output for n-Bit Cascading Synchronous C...

Features: The topping charge is applied for a minimum of two (2) hours. The current consists of the same pulse technique used during the fast charge stage; however, the delay time is extended as shown in Figure 5. Extending the delay time between charge pulses allows the same charging current used as...

· 0533093090

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:2008+   

· 0805C471J5GAC3972

· 0675330411

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:07+   

· 0805YC391KAT2E

Vendor:AVX   Package Cooled:SMD   D/C:08+   

· 060314.7K

· 08-70-0103

Applications: The configuration bits work by acting as control inputs for the multiplexers in the macrocell. There are four mul- tiplexers: a product term input, an enable select, an out- put select, and a feedback select multiplexer. SG1 and SL0x are the control signals for all four multiplexers. In ...

Features: • Execution time : down to 15.6 ns (64 MHz) • FR50 series CPU : RISC architecture The CPU has a general-purpose register architecture with improved numeric implementation whereby a wide range of delayed branch instructions reduces losses in execution time due to pipeline breaks....

· 041-B2A631

· 0707-1-CP

· 08051C102KAT7A

· 06032.7M

· 0547440704

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:2008+   

· 09J5D17V

Vendor:AMD   Package Cooled:99+   D/C:PLCC32   

· 0473092651

Vendor:HRS   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:2008+   

· 0545501991

Vendor:MOLEX   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:2008+   

· 0-1470031-1

Vendor:AMP   Package Cooled:N/A   D/C:05+   

· 0805AS-R68J-01

Description: The ISL9H1260EG3, ISL9H1260EP3 and ISL9H1260ES3 are Low Gate Charge (LGC) SMPS II IGBTs combining the fast switching speed of the SMPS IGBTs with lower gate charge and avalanche capability (UIS). These LGC devices shorten delay times, and reduce the power requirement of the gate drive. ...

Applications: When the device is first powered on, it will be reset to the read or standby mode depending upon the state of the control line inputs. In order to perform other device functions, a series of com- mand sequences are entered into the device. The command sequences are shown in the Command Defi...

Features: The Altima 0805AS-R68J-01 is a highly integrated 0.25u CMOS silicon solution. It combines all the functions of a 10/100 dual-speed bridged repeater, including PHY transceivers, an MII or reversed MII or 7-wire hard-wire configurable interface, two internal repeaters, two repeater backplan...

· 07N9565

Applications: 29 (leap year - valid until year 2100), 30 and 31 day months are made automatically. The M41ST85Y/W is supplied in a 28-lead SOIC SNAPHAT® package (which integrates both crys- tal and battery in a single SNAPHAT top) or a 28- pin, 300mil SOIC package (MX) which includes an embedded...

Features: All HBT amplifiers are subject to device current variation due to the decreasing nature of the internal VBE with increasing temperature. In the absence of an active bias circuit or resistive feedback, the decreasing VBE will result in increased base and collector currents. As the collector ...

· 08055C333KAT2A(0805-333K)

· 0257030.PXPV

Description: The KBE00F005A is a Multi Chip Package Memory which combines 1Gbit Nand Flash Memory(organized with two pieces of 512Mbit Nand Flash Memory) and 512Mbit synchronous high data rate Dynamic RAM.(organized with two pieces of 256Mbit Mobile SDRAM) 1Gbit NAND Flash memory is organized as 128M x8 bi...

Applications: low, total supply current will be higher, depending on OUT current. Total VCC current is the sum of quiescent VCC current and the average OUT current. Knowing the operating frequency and the MOSFET gate charge (Qg), average OUT current can be calculated from:

Features: 0257030.PXPVhe 0257030.PXPV is the first SoC to com- bine positioning intelligence and drive electronics with a I²C serial interface. A single I²C Master can address up to 32 0257030.PXPV controlled axes, enabling a decentralized ar- chitecture with all its benefits. 0257030....

· 021-688002-002

Vendor:THRONE   Package Cooled:SOP   D/C:93+   

Description: * This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operation sections of this specification is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods of time may affect reliability.

Applications: Any data, prices, descriptions or specifications presented herein are subject to revision by C&D Technologies, Inc. without notice. While such information is believed to be accurate as indicated herein, C&D Technologies, Inc. makes no warranty and hereby disclaims all warranties, exp...

Features: The 2.9V regulator is current-limited and thermally protected. Regulated output is available for external circuitry. The 021-688002-002 is available in 28-lead SOIC and fine- pitch SSOP packages and is specified for operation over the 0C to 70C temperature range.

· 085F5520

Vendor:90   Package Cooled:TEMIC   D/C:01+   

Description: Zener Voltage Range − 3.3 V to 200 V ESD Rating of Class 3 (>16 kV) per Human Body Model Surge Rating of up to 180 W @ 8.3 ms Maximum Limits Guaranteed on up to Six Electrical Parameters These devices are manufactured with a Pb−Free external lead finish only*

Applications: Low Loss Replacement for PowerPathTM ORing Diodes Small Regulated Forward Voltage (28mV Min) 2.6A Maximum Forward Current Low Forward ON Resistance (140mΩ Max) Low Reverse Leakage Current (<1µA) 2.6V to 5.5V Operating Range Internal Current Limit Protection Internal Thermal ...

Features: Notes: 1. Functional and tested operating conditions are given in Table 2. Absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only, and functional operation at the maximums is not guaranteed. Stresses beyond those listed may affect device reliability or cause permanent damage to the device. 2. ...

· 0402-4P2R-22K

· 02DZ8.2-X(8V2)

Vendor:3000   Package Cooled:0805+   D/C:02+   

· 08-0486-03

Vendor:1   Package Cooled:CISCO   D/C:3   

Description: Test data input. One of four terminals required by IEEE Standard 1149.1-1990. TDI is the serial input for shifting data through the instruction register or selected data register. An internal pullup forces TDI to a high level if left unconnected.

Applications: *On products compliant to MIL-PRF-38535, this parameter is not production tested. † All typical values are at VCC = 3.3 V, TA = 25C. ‡ This is the bus-hold maximum dynamic current. It is the minimum overdrive current required to switch the input from one state to another. This ...

Features: If parallel loading is selected, both the COEF_WR pin and the LOAD_EN pin determine whether the 08-0486-03 is in the load mode. When COEF_WR and LOAD_EN are both low, the load mode is selected, the run mode is disabled, and writes to memory can occur. Parallel loading is random access and syn...

· 0402YD104MAT2A

Description: Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated under recommended operating conditions is not implied. Exposure...

Applications: The Am79213/Am79C203/031 Advanced Subscriber Line Interface chip set implements a universal telephone line interface function. This enables the design of a single, low cost, high performance, fully software programmable line interface card for multiple country applications world wide. Al...

Features: The 0402YD104MAT2A features a serial interface and software protocol allowing operation on a popular two wire bus. The bus signals are a clock Input (SCL) and a bidirec- tional data input and output (SDA). Access to the device is controlled through a chip select (CS) input, allowing any ...

· 0251012.NRT1MXLNRT1-MRT1LMRT2-

Vendor:LITTELFUSE   Package Cooled:DIP   D/C:125V   

· 0270DIP

Vendor:N/A   Package Cooled:06+   D/C:500   

· 0603CS-43NXJBC

Vendor:COILCRAFT/   Package Cooled:O603   D/C:04+   

· 0603240K

· 0925R-562F

· 0603CS-47NXGLW

Vendor:990000   Package Cooled:COILCRAFT   D/C:2008   

Description: The advantages of low power consumption, I/O flexibil- ity, timer functions, oscillator options, HALT and wake-up functions, watchdog timer, buzzer driver, as well as low cost, enhance the versatility of these devices to suit a wide range of application possibilities such as industrial contro...

Applications: 256K x 36 Synchronous Bank-Switchable Dual-ported SRAM Architecture C 64 independent 4K x 36 banks C 9 megabits of memory on chip Bank access controlled via bank address pins High-speed data access C Commercial: 3.4ns(200MHz)/3.6ns (166MHz)/4.2ns (133MHz) (max.) C Industrial: 3.6ns (166M...

Features: The oscillator frequency is locked on the antenna frequency. The clock of the filter is derived from the oscillator. In this way the filter characteristics are locked to the transmission frequency. Consequently the 0603CS-47NXGLW is not sensitive to zero modulation.

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